"Ladybugs" Fuel the Fire

In May of 2013 my then 9 year old daughter was frustrated that she wasn't old enough to play any of the games that the older kids could play. My son and I would play board games and card games almost every weekend and she begged to play but could never grasp the complicated rules and never really liked the games that we played. So, one night I asked her what kind of game she would like to play and her response was: "Something with butterflies or ladybugs." I was very intrigued by what she said and immediately began working on a simple card game that centered on collecting bugs. What kid doesn't like bugs, right? I called it "Ladybugs." I spent small amounts of time here and there developing the game and printing test decks to try out with her. She was thrilled that she had a game which was inspired by her, and that she had the only copy. As she continued to play the game with some of her friends, we could see that others were enjoying it too, so we decided to make the game available to everyone, and that's when our adventure began.